The School


The current Gharsah School was started in May 2014 by Mohamad, Mai, Ola & Ali Aljounde.

It is located in Bekaa Valley – Al Marj – Lebanon.

The Gharsah School supports Syrian Refugee families in Lebanon with free child education. It also teaches adults on topics like gender equality and domestic violence. Our hope is to contribute to building a future Syria, based on the values of equality and justice

Mohamad and his family contacted Syrian activists and education professionals in Lebanon and Germany.
They gathered donations and started the school in a tent. By winning a prize and with grants from Molham Volunteering Team they were able to build a real school in May 2014. Further funding was supplied for a year by Trócaire and Cafod.

Now we are in dear need for new support to keep the school open.

Movie about the school